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Managing your expectations from the very start is our first step, just by briefly assessing your current situation we can advise you on your most suitable mortgage options.


When you are looking to purchase or re-mortgage, the first step you must take is to set a budget. Each lender has a different criteria and it is our job to guide you in the right direction that best suits you.


Each lender has a different way of assessing income, whether you are self employed? employed? Sole trader ? Contractor ?

Every lender assesses income differently, so with the right information and guidance we can help you reach your greatest potential. 


By continuously staying up to date with the criteria that the lenders require and have to offer, we are able to provide with current options and suitable advise.


There are various types of products available on the market, having so many options could lead to confusion.


Allow our experienced brokers to provide you with the explanations that you need and to make sense of what your options may be.


We work closely with a panel of conveyances who provide a legal service for your transactions, this will help keep the reassurance you need to complete your mortgage as smoothly as possible.

(Apply Mortgages will also assist you along the way with any information or paperwork that you do not understand).

                   Mortgage Offer

This involves Apply Mortgages liaising with the lender, providing the certified documents requested and representing you and your case throughout the process until the lender is satisfied and provides you with a suitable mortgage offer.


By taking the steps above Apply Mortgages aims to guide you successfully and efficiently to your mortgage offer.


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