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Looking for a better mortgage deal is always an option that you could potentially have. Even if you are considering to release some of the equity in your property, this may be an option that you have not yet considered. However this process is often not as easy as it first appears, allowing you to understand your options is where Apply Mortgages will aim to help..

Have you reached or getting near to the end of a special rate with your current mortgage?

Are you perhaps thinking about raising some money?

  • The first step to take would be to contact Apply Mortgages, where we will be able to advise you on the most suitable re-mortgaging options. We will work with you whilst looking into the terms and conditions of your existing mortgage.


  • These conditions will inform us if you are still tied into your mortgage, or even if there are any early repayment charges in place. Once assessed, we will make a recommendation 

How To Get Started On Your Re-mortgage ?


Apply Mortgages provide you with advice throughout the whole re-mortgaging process, which will include:


  • Assessing your most recent mortgage statement, which will be requested from your existing lender. This will inform us of how much you owe and what terms you would be currently in at that time. 

  • A standard Apply Mortgages fact find will be completed and a list of requirements for documents will be requested from applicants. Once these documents have been assessed and satisfied a new deal will be sourced that would be most suitable for your needs.

  • Application form - will be submitted to your new lender. 

  • A valuation on your property will be carried out on behalf of the lender.

  • The lender will issue your new mortgage offer which contains the new mortgage terms. Subject to all the paperwork being satisfactory,

  • Solicitors will  then be issued with a copy of your new mortgage offer, and be instructed to arrange and complete your legal documentation.





To discuss the mortgage options available to you get in touch today.

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