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Are you struggling to get on the property ladder?

Shared ownership allows you to buy a percentage of your own home, the percentage you own can be gradually increased throughout the term of your mortgage up until you potentially are in a position to own the property outright. What a great way to get on the property ladder.

Owning 50% share of a property, or owning 0% of a home that you pay rent for. This is something you may wish to consider when looking into this scheme. We have had many clients at Apply Mortgages who have benefited through this scheme.

  • 5% deposit of the property value is required

  • Mortgage a percentage of the property value generally between 25% and 75% of the market value.

  • Leaving you to pay rent towards the remainder portion to a housing association.

  • Over time, you can look to increase the percentage you own.

You may find it difficult to understand this scheme, if so please get in touch to talk to an adviser who can help with any queries.s

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